Shirleylee Shields…

Author, Life Skills Coach & Public Speaker

I am a Metis Woman – brought up by the Holderman Mennonites – a very religious “cult” that as a young mother of four, I personally took to court to fight for my freedom and my children. In 1997, I won victory with my case and became the first woman in both Canada and the United States to challenge a religious society.

My path to empower others began with my autobiography, ‘A World Within A World.’ To date, I have written two books of my journey and my fight for freedom. As a Public Speaker, I present on the power of understanding one’s value as well as offer the tools to living with self-worth, gratitude, and communication.

I have also written an empowering program called ‘Life Skills – Seven Keys to My Empowered Life.’ This workshop is designed around offering tools to help individuals of all ages better themselves. My goal is for people to recognize that they are not alone and that they have the power to change their circumstances by making decisions that open doors to greater possibilities.

Jacquie Simmons-Buckley…

Author, Public Speaker, Certified HeartMath™ Coach

After spending 20 years in the Royal Canadian Dental Corps, I was medically released in 2010 with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of working with a military team during a military operation called “OP Persistence.”

There are many professions such as military, police, firefighters, EMT’s and other healthcare professionals that face situations and horrors of the job that many people can’t imagine.  They are faced with more human suffering as a regular part of their duties.

As you can imagine, (or maybe not) life brings us many ups and downs.  And, it is up to us on how we interpret those challenges and embrace them with the ability to bounce back. Our physical, mental and spiritual selves need to balance. Vulnerability and resilience are our keys to happiness

As a volunteer keynote speaker for the Memory Project, I enjoy speaking with various audiences about my experiences within the Canadian Forces along with sharing my encouragement that it is possible to reset after tragic circumstances and become a stronger more resilient version of yourself.

In 2012, I graduated with my Bachelor Degree in Justice Studies. In 2013, I wrote a book “Eye of the Storm, Personal Commitment to Managing Symptoms of PTSD”, which focuses on resiliency strategies for those who work in the line of duty or who are struggling in life.  Today I continue my passion for education and learning as I work to complete a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

As a personal Certified Heartmath Coach, I bring personal resiliency coaching to you in the comforts of your own home; no matter where you are in the world.