11:00am – Registration / Guest Introduction

**11:45am – GETTING REAL: Tapping into What You Deserve — facilitated by Shirleylee Shields

Feel as if your needs, wants and desires are always on the back-burner? Have you been reaching out emotionally, and then feeling guilty for doing so thereafter? You are not alone. The question is… how do you take back what you deserve, with confidence?

This interactive “Sharing Circle” is based on Shirleylee’s “Life Skills – 7 Keys to My Empowered Life” program. Facilitated as an “open forum”, the main focus is on individual “Self-Worth” and “Sense of Belonging”. Participants will work through the questions within the workbook individually followed by open discussion. This is a powerful opportunity for you to express your feelings and BE REAL in a casual, fun-loving environment.

1:00pm – Break for Charcuterie Lunch and wine — at Rockies Tavern & Grill

**2:30pm – RESILIENCY BANKING: Emotional Wealth for the Bankrupt Soul — facilitated by Jacquie Simmons-Buckley

Are you emotionally bankrupt or a millionaire?

Join Jacqueline Buckley in this engaging presentation/workshop where you will discover the “Art of Resiliency Banking”. Promised is a fun afternoon exploring these exciting “self-elevating” techniques, inclusive of creating some take-home assets that will add “resiliency compound interest” so you can create your own emotional wealth.

3:45pm – Vision Boarding Workshop / Coffee & Dessert Break / Open Networking

5:00pm – Final Goodbyes until next R.E.A.L. Retreat

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